Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Increase Your Odds at Buying Winning State Lottery Scratch-off Cards

Each time you buy a State Lottery game card, those proceeds go towards funding schools and other government programs. So, you know it’s for a good cause, but you still feel it’s a hopeless game since you just can’t win! It seems like every game card you purchase is a loosing one. So, what can you do to increase your odds at winning? You can now increase your odds at buying winning State Lottery scratch-off cards with Lotto Crawler. Lotto Crawler is a website that provides up to date information on which scratch-off game cards still have remaining prizes. Using Lotto Crawler along with some ‘tricks of the trade’ can increase your odds tremendously.

Lotto Crawler is a free website designed to provide up to date information on the State Lottery scratch-off game cards and their remaining prizes. This website provides you with the game cards that have the top three highest remaining prizes, sorted by their purchase value and by their state, as well as a complete listing of all game cards and their remaining prizes. This user-friendly website is free and there is no registration or sign-ups required to use it. You can access this information by entering the website and selecting a state along with the dollar value of the game cards you wish to compare. You’ll get a listing of the game cards with the three highest accumulated remaining prizes. You can also select ‘Select All’ to get a listing of all game cards, regardless of their purchase value, listed in order from highest remaining prizes to lowest. Or, a third option would be to select the ‘Get All Around Best!’ button to get the top three game cards of all price range categories, combined.

This is the same information that your local State Lottery retailer gets. As a matter of fact, they are supposed to post listings of games that have no remaining prizes; however, they hold off posting those notices for as long as two weeks after the prizes are exhausted in order to sell more of those game cards. This means that you may be purchasing ‘dead’ game cards without even knowing it! So, before you make your next State Lottery scratch-off game card purchase, visit Lotto Crawler to see which games are still viable. Also, when making your purchase, choose from a variety of games. Game cards very seldom stack multiple winning cards one right after the other; so, buy a few cards from one type of card. Once you hit a card that is a winner, move onto the next type of card. Also, watch what other people are buying. If you notice that someone has won a larger prize off of one type of game, then don’t buy any from that stack.

There are things you can do to increase your odds at buying winning State Lottery scratch-off cards. First, use Lotto Crawler to get the most up to date information on which cards still have remaining prizes. Next, be selective in the number of cards you buy consecutively and pay attention to winning cards. If you have just hit a winning card, then buy your next card from another stack. Remember that buying State Lottery scratch-off game cards benefits your local schools and other state-funded programs. So, don’t be discouraged and stop playing…just play smarter! Good luck!